Competitive high visible safety work pants

Wearing safety work pants when working outdoors can protect your legs from injury. Working outdoors for a long time will inevitably cause some friction, scratching, etc., and may be seriously injured, so you should choose some wear-resistant clothing when choosing work clothes. It can not only protect the safety of workers, but also will not be caused by some friction. The service life of pants is shortened. Our company has done research on flame retardant tooling. Functional clothing is exported overseas. Our products can be seen in Europe, America, Oceania, Australia, Asia and other markets. Not only that, our products have received unanimous praise from customers. Repurchase. Although our specialty is the production of functional industrial protective clothing, we also have very professional experience with ordinary protective clothing. The breathability, comfort and abrasion resistance of our garments are very good, and the experience brought to the workers is also very pleasant. No matter what industry you are in, our work clothes can be your little partner, protecting you from outside harm.

Today I am going to talk about this Competitive high visible safety work pants. These pants are sold in work clothes. Although they have no special functionality, their wear resistance is very outstanding. It is sewed from 85% polyester and 15% cotton fabric. The clothing weighs about 300gsm, which is between a light but not heavy clothing. It is a conventional tooling. Everyone knows that polyester clothes have good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. They are very suitable for coats and garments. It is also very important to work outdoors. Therefore, it is a basic requirement to keep the clothes regular and undeformed. This pants just meets the needs. In addition, polyester clothes have high strength and elastic recovery ability, so they are very strong and durable, but they also have shortcomings, its hygroscopicity is poor, and it is easy to wear and feel hot, which is not good, but This model uses a combination of polyester and cotton, so overall speaking clothes are still dominant. In addition to the above, the price of pants is very competitive, no matter who can buy it.

These pants are fluorescent color-matching tool pants. It has two back pockets and two leg pockets. There is a mobile phone pocket on the left leg agent side. You can carry your mobile phone to keep in touch with colleagues when you work. It is to keep the mobile phone in place and prevent the mobile phone from being lost. The right side pocket of the trousers is a tool bag. The role of the tool bag can be imagined. It can hold some portable tools in case of unexpected needs. There are hammer loops on both sides of the waist. When your tool is nowhere to put, you can hang it on the waist loop. The pants have reflective strips on the legs that reflect ambient light at night, so this hi vis pants is a bit of a warning to passers by and drivers.