Men’ s Industrial Flame-Retardant Trousers With Reflective Strips


Size Range: 38-60
Composition: 99% Cotton 1% Anti-static, 280gsm
Weight: 280g/m2
Standard: Oekotex certificate
EN11611, EN11612,EN1149,IEC 61482-1-2 Class 1
Color: Orange, Navy,Red


5# Nylon zipper/ FR button on top
2 back pockets with FR Velcro
Adjustable waist with elastic on waist
Aramid Hv yellow reflective tape
2 Side pockets


The men’ s industrial flame retardant trousers with reflective strips are made of 99% cotton and 1% anti static, satin fabric. The work trousers weigh 280gm2 and are made of satin fabric that is thicker than normal fabric, the weaving is more complex, but the quality of the garment is better. The front door of the pants features a nylon zipper or flame retardant Velcro, which is easy and simple to use. There are two back pockets with flame retardant Velcro that can hold simple, portable and commonly used tools, which will save a lot of time and allow employees more time to get the job done. Waist is not fixed, it can be adjusted according to its own situation, convenient and fit. There are two aramid reflective strips on the legs of the trousers, which are flame retardant and fluorescent yellow. The reflective strips serve as a reminder and warning, and can provide a location for workers in dark weather, where people can see the workers at a glance.

Flame retardant trousers is flame retardant fabric, so it has excellent flame retardant function, in some petrochemical, natural gas and other industries for the work clothes more requirements, because these industries are more prone to danger, especially fire, so in these industries with flame retardant overalls and anti-static features. Flame retardant trousers are Flame-retardant not because they don’t burn, but because their Flame-retardant fibers slow the burning of the fibers so much that they go out as soon as the Flame is removed, moreover, the burning part is quickly carbonized without melting, dripping or piercing, giving time for people to withdraw from the burning scene or take off their burning clothes, thus reducing or avoiding burns and Scald for the purpose of protection. So in these no-fire industries to choose flame-retardant functional strong overalls. Anti-static is because, the weather is dry, the body and clothing friction generated small fire is very dangerous, especially in the above industries, once the loss and damage caused by fire is immeasurable. So in the fire industry, the choice is fire protective clothing, which is made with more precision. It is made of flame retardant fiber fabric and vacuum aluminized film composite material, does not contain asbestos, has the advantages of light specific gravity, high strength, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, harmless to human body, etc. , the utility model can effectively ensure the firefighters and the personnel working in high temperature places to be close to the heat source without being burned by the extreme heat, flame and steam.