Flame Retardant Printed Long Sleeve Safety Work Shirt

Material: 100% Cotton 260g
Arc Rating : ATPV 8.2 cal/cm², HRC/CAT 2
Color: Customized
Standards : UL classified NFPA 2112 – 2018
ASTM F1506
4.Inherently aramid sewing thread
5.Ultrasoft FRARCTEX FR fabric
6.Front with FR plastic button



There are many kinds of flame retardant clothing, according to different industries need to wear different functions of flame retardant clothing. Some flame-retardant clothing has heat resistance, but some flame-retardant clothing does not have flame resistance, depending on your work environment, is in high temperature or outdoor places, different places to choose the corresponding clothing. In some high-temperature environment of workers, to choose a fabric with heat resistance, this time to choose aramid fabric or acrylic flame-retardant fabrics, such fabrics not only have permanent flame-retardant and high-temperature properties. Outdoor work on the clothing requirements are not rigorous selection with flame retardant clothing can be.

Flame retardant shirts are made of pure cotton to meet the needs of your day job. It is a fashionable square fire retardant work shirt, more suitable for today’s trend, to meet the workers in the work of the pursuit of fashion, but it also has the function of fire retardant, when necessary to protect your safety at work. Its ATPV value is 8.2 cal/cm2. For example, in some workplaces there is a risk of explosion and fire caused by arc flashes, which may be caused by dust, corrosion, poor maintenance of electrical equipment or for a variety of reasons, wearing A flame-retardant shirt or other flame-retardant clothing in such a situation can keep you safe and help protect workers, even if it doesn’t harm them in any way. Electrical workers are exposed to these hazards every day. Even if the safety equipment is adequate, sometimes it can not completely protect your safety. Wear flame-retardant work clothes correctly to prevent accidents, otherwise it will lead to inevitable accidents.

The long sleeve safety shirts come in different styles, but they’re all plaid. Shirts are certified in ul classified NFPA 2112-2018, NFPA 70E PPE, ASTM F1506. Our shirt is made of cotton flame retardant fabric, soft and comfortable, and cotton clothing breathability and comfort than other materials to wear more comfortable fabrics. The clothing is made of aramid thread with permanent flame retardant effect, the fabric is FRDURATEX brand green environmental protection, the flameproof shirt is opened and closed with flameproof four-eye button, overall the flameproof effect of this shirt is very good, it can satisfy the workers who do not work in the work environment with high requirement of flame retardant. Choose the new branch, choose the quality.