Wholesale Flame Retardant Plaid Work Shirts


100% Cotton 260g

Color: Customized

Inherently aramid sewing thread

Ultrasoft FRARCTEX FR fabric

Front with FR plastic button

UL classified NFPA 2112 – 2018


ASTM F1506


People who have worked in potentially dangerous industries for a long time may know more about workwear. The reason why you should choose flame resistant workwear at work is simple it will protect you from electric shock or fire, protect your skin from burns and allow you to work safely, so it is important to wear your workwear in the workplace. Each garment has its own advantages and disadvantages, and today we are talking about these flame resistant shirts.

We know there are many styles of clothing no matter what, shirts, jackets, jumpsuits, pants, etc. Choose different styles according to your preferences and needs. The weather is getting warmer and the shirt is becoming the first choice, it can be worn not only inside the jacket but also alone, so let’s go into detail about this cotton flame retardant chevron shirt we have. Even if it is workwear we have to put comfort in the first place, some workwear will ignore comfort because of the consideration of its performance, which has a great impact on the efficiency of workers, to improve efficiency, we can clothing to do.

This safety work shirts material is 260g FRDURATEX brand cotton flame retardant fabric, its advantage is relatively soft, very comfortable to wear on the body, more skin-friendly, followed by a good warmth, cleaning is relatively easy to clean up. The fabric has the advantages of the fabric, sewing clothes using thread is also high-quality permanent flame retardant aramid thread, from the root to play its advantage, the shirt buttons also have flame retardant. We can guarantee the quality of the clothes, it has UL certification, you can buy with complete confidence.

Flame retardant shirts do not have only one function either. UV rays are also a big risk factor, and people who work outdoors for a long time can choose shirts with features that protect them from external rays in order to avoid UV damage. Choose protective clothing with different functions according to different working environments to maximize your protection and give you more peace of mind. wholesale flame resistant shirts, we would like to get your consultation and wish you all the best.