CVC Polyester Cotton Heavy-Duty Construction Fireproof Work Pants

65%cotton 35%polyester 245g/m2
Thigh pockets
pockets back pockets with flaps
mobile pocket and thumb pockets.
Internal knee pockets.
Reflective in body.



The variety of hazards makes it critical to have the right protective equipment. Dangerous factors exist in many work environments, which means wearing fireproof work pants. Working around high-pressure materials and fire hazards, or working as a welder, are just some examples of occupations that require flame-retardant clothing. There are many industries that require a variety of functional clothing to protect workers’ lives. If you work in one of these industries, you already know the purpose and importance of flame retardant work pants. But what actually makes flame retardant clothing fire resistant? What materials contribute to this protection factor? You must have a lot of doubts, we introduce you to this pair of pants to help you make a choice.

Fireproof work pants be made of 65% cotton 35% polyester special blend, it has nylon anti-scratch protection cover, which can prolong the service life, and it is convenient for workers to bend when wearing. For some work areas, workers need to squat back and forth to work, if the pants are not comfortable, it will seriously affect the work efficiency. Having durable, high-performance, comfortable, and moderately stretched work pants is just as important as having a set of reliable tools. Sometimes work areas require custom boots, so you need the right pants to match any boot. It’s a real one. You can be proud of the heavy duty construction work pants, which are hard to beat no matter the price. Fire-resistant construction work pants are made of fabric designed to protect workers from flame and heat. Garments made from everyday synthetic fibers will continue to burn for a long time after the flame source is extinguished, and may cause severe burns. For flame retardant pants, the work clothes will automatically extinguish once the source of ignition is removed. After the initial flame subsides, the flame retardant material will not ignite, melt, drip or continue to burn, ensuring that it does not spread to the danger of burning. As a result, flame retardant clothing reduces burns, provides extra time to escape, and increases the time that workers can survive in a fire hazard. For dangers, time is life.

There are many things to consider when buying fireproof work pants. You may know a thing or two about FR. You know that FR clothing can protect your people from severe burns and even death from thermal accidents at work. You know, in many different industries, there are many standards based on many different regulations. You may not know much, but we are professional and can provide you with professional answers and recommend you suitable products. Not all FR pants are the same. Many factors need to be considered. In order to help you make this important decision, we have summarized some considerations for you. It is always a priority to ensure that FR clothing can provide the correct level of protection and protect you. Safety, whether it is an arc, flash fire or combustible dust. And to be guaranteed during its service life, FR work pants must meet or better exceed the safety and performance standards required by the industry, and the selected flame retardant clothing should be comfortable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable, and fit to avoid affecting Work performance or other safety hazards. Keep the color after washing, FR clothing should not lose color, shape and fit, and minimize shrinkage to achieve a certain color fastness and shrinkage rate to ensure the durability of flame retardant construction work pants. We are a manufacturer and have our own factory. If you are interested in us, we welcome you to come to China and visit the factory to experience our service, first-class service, professional equipment and your own research and development room. I believe you must Will fall in love with our company and let us serve you.