100% Cotton Breathable Safety Protective Workwear

There are potential dangers in many fields now. In order to protect our bodies from harm, we must wear protective clothes, only in this way can we avoid life threats. Most of the protective clothing is workwear and it suitable for us to work outdoors, but our factory not only produce these conventional protective clothing, but also produce sports protective safety clothing. There are two kinds of style ,cap and no cap. Such protective clothing is suitable for people who love sports wind and need safety protection. It can not only protect, but also meet your sports needs. It is also very comfortable to wear.The safety protective clothing have several different colors, such as black, red, yellow and so on, and it is all fluorescent color, not ordinary color, more bright in the crowd if you dress it. 

The biggest feature of this dress is the combination of protective overalls and sportswear, both as protective overalls and as sweatshirts, even in ordinary daily life. So it’s very comfortable and convenient to wear and it won’t bring you any discomfort. Young people prefer sportshoodie because it is cool and easy to wear, so hat clothing is still very popular among young people. Now it is integrated with protective work clothes to realize the perfect combination of work and life. The 100% cotton workwear of our company has the above characteristics, if you need such a protective clothing, you can contact us at any time.

The weight of the sportshoodie is 400 GSM and very light when you dress it.. There are a lot of number about it, which Including S-5XL.Every piece of our product is strictly manufactured according to national standards, for example,UL classified NFPA2112-2018,NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506. Its inherent aramid sewing thread and it has flame-retardant effect, while improving the quality of products. It has two front slash pockets, ribbed collar and waistbrand to maintain shape. Last but not least, it’s hood with FR linning and it’s made of breathable hooded clothing, so when you put it on, you won’t feel cold even if you’ re outside in the cold.
Xinke Protective was established since 1998. To provide safe, comfortable and Eco-friendly products to global workers. Xinke Protective is devoted to being a patron saint for the lives and health of all the labour.In2009, Xinke Protective successfully developed the series product of “Frecotex®,” which started to lead the market with environment-friendly flame retardant treatment technology.Moreover, our R&D team developed high tenacity, high colour fastness, high ATPV electrical arc fabric, which has been used widely in the market since 2013. We started focusing on fabric R&D and production since 1998, established garment factory in 2009, and now become the leading manufacturer of protective products in China. Xinke has expanded to 40 countries around the world and over 240 employees. Our company covers an area of 215,000 square foot and owns two professional production&technical teams for fabrics and garments, which produce 5 million meters of fabrics and 1.5 million garments per year. In 2019, Xinke has been awarded “China’s foreign trade export benchmark enterprise” by China Customs.